Crocs X Pizzaslime
23 Days of Croctober

Crocs and Pizzaslime, a streetwear brand and creative agency, collaborated once again in celebration of Croctober 2020.

The limited drop revealed a ‘23 Days of Croctober’ Calendar Box packed with 50 Jibbitz, and a very rare and mind-boggling design of the ‘Croc Day’ Triple-Strap Clog.

We partnered with Pizzaslime to produce and animate social content in line with their next level creative vision.

The campaign rolled out with theatrically themed teasers, introducing the Calendar Box to countdown towards Croc Day.
In the following days, select Jibbitz were highlighted and characterized in animation.
And on Croc Day, the new Triple-Strap Clog was revealed with a show stopping entrance.

Direction + Production
2D + 3D Animation
Video + Sound Edit

Client: Crocs
Creative Agency: Pizzaslime